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The company was established more than 25 years ago in Slovakia. Production and development of frozen and chilled vegetarian plant based food started in 2008. In 2016 started production of vegan plant based food.
Vegan products Vegan products

Vegan products

The pioneers in development and production of plant based food in frozen and chilled form. Many years of experience with tasty and healthy vegan and vegetarian food. Flexible and innovative company in vegan food form Slovakia.
Development Development


Our development team will prepare the products according to your needs and specification. We can produce various sizes and weights of following products:
- Burgers: structure, texture, size, flavourings according to customer´s specification
- Minces: granular or milled
- Balls
- Cubes
- Strips
- Steaks
Suppliers & Raw materials Suppliers & Raw materials

Suppliers & Raw materials

We work with audited and serious suppliers who are able to guaranty high quality and flexible deliveries of raw materials and services.
We use and process only GMO free materials. We control every delivery. One of our basic raw materials we process is soy, but we can pea and other vegetable proteins too.
Certificate Certificate


ISO 9001 from 2015
BRC from 2015
Processing technology Processing technology

Processing technology

We dispose with processing technologies from world´s best producers as for example packing technologies Vemag or scales Yshida. All processing technologies are new purchased in 2020. We have sufficient production capacity which can be quickly multiplied according to customer´s needs.
Production capacity Production capacity

Production capacity

Our present production capacity is 250 tons monthly. From 2021 we will increase production capacity up to 500 ton monthly.
Future Future


In 2021 we start to produce sausages and frankfurters.
Production and storage area Production and storage area

Production and storage area

We own production area of more than 2000m2 and we can enlarge them dynamically according to needs.
Storage capacity for frozen food is 400m2.
Total area we own is 30.000m2.
Market Market


- UK
- Germany
- Austria
- Netherland
- Slovenia
- Czech
- Slovakia
- Poland
- Hungary
- Romania
- Estonia
- Latvia
Packing Packing


We offer various types and sizes of packing from 145g up to 3000g. We use plastic foil, trays, cartons and other for minces, burgers or sausages. All of our suppliers are certificated by ISO, BRC, HALAL and others.
Expedition Expedition


We are able to delivery the goods in 48 hours.